When you experience hip problems or knee problems you may have some questions about your course of treatment. From the initial consultation through to a partial or complete hip replacement or knee replacement surgery. Leading orthopaedic surgeon, Justin Lim has answered a series of frequently asked questions to help inform you about common conditions with these joints and what to expect from an operation and the recovery.

Hip Questions

Hip problems

What causes hip problems?

What hip investigations are necessary?

What are the treatment options for hip problems?

What happens before a hip operation?

What is the hip replacement recovery time?

Why do I need hip surgery?

What are the different types of hip replacement?

Knee Questions

Knee problems

What causes knee problems and pain?

What knee investigations are necessary?

What are the knee treatment options?

When is knee surgery needed?

What types of knee surgery are there?

Is knee surgery major surgery?

How long will the new knee last?